The Event Origins and Context for Leaders

  1. The Event Origins

The Event is a modern approach to the Shift predicted in ancient texts of almost ALL religions and cultures. For thousands of years, prophets and sages have connected to the Universal Consciousness and learned of the time when all of Humanity would experience cosmic Consciousness. This is the time when the natural energies of our planet and solar system would raise and all life would experience a higher awareness of our connectedness and relationship to the Unified Field of Consciousness.

The solar system moved above the galactic plane in 2012 and on this side there is a much higher density space filled with very energetic particles, and the galactic center is currently sending waves of energy toward us as well. These factors are the basis of the ancient shift predicted by so many wise spiritual teachers.

Although these predictions exist, our planet has been occupied for millennia by forces that wish to retain their control over us, who do not want this to happen and have decided to do everything they can to keep Humanity from achieving higher consciousness. If Humanity becomes aware in this way they will lose all their power suddenly, and may be forced to leave or be arrested and have to answer for their crimes, because they can’t maintain their stealth and exploitive way of life in the light of truth.

The forces that wish to remain in control are anti-human and destructive to life, all a part of their belief that our planet has too many people, too many for the planet. In truth it is too many for them to control with their small numbers. They have embraced policies that promote death and destroy people’s ability to live and prosper. Poor health care, poison in our drinking water, poison in our skies and authorities who expect to murder the people with no consequence are the results. They are supported by the ability to print money out of thin air and so do not consider that they work for the people at all. This group is the negative faction.

Because these beings are opposing the natural evolution of Humanity, we have been joined by others from different organizations, Alliances and planets to help dismantling their advanced technology and complex schemes that keep us enslaved to their will.

All in all we live in a much, much complex context than we’ve been told, with the same amount of suppression about our reality and history in the Cosmos being enforced upon us throughout the ages.

  1. The Context

There are very many honest people in the service of negative beings who began their careers believing they were in service to Humanity, but who have later realized that the truth is very different from what they have been told and is represented to the masses. Beginning in the 1970’s, career intelligence operatives began to organize a resistance (the Organization) to the negative agenda. Later, after they suffered at the hands of the negative beings, and they were joined by others from this and other planets who helped them (now called the Resistance Movement) reverse the gains that the ones who seek to enslave us had made, and are now organizing a final push to end their power on our planet.

In 2012 the final Alliances were complete and the Victory of the Light was assured. That year the Resistance Movement recruited an aware human to be their spokesman to the surface population, advising him to adopt an anonymous name and create a free blog to communicate their messages to their own operatives and to the population at large about the last stages of progress toward the liberation of our planet.

Using the codename Cobra, a compound of compression breakthrough, the blog was launched in April of 2012. You can visit the blog and read its archives in order to become fully aware of the activities since that time: .

More than a year later (May 2013) Prepare for Change ( was created to assist the surface population in achieving a greater awareness of the true planetary situation, and a higher cooperation and organization towards the point in time when the Event would become reality. You should read the site and, as much as you can at this point research, crosslink it with other material available in the Internet. In some cases you have so many entries when you search for specific key words on Google that you’ll be surprised for sure. For example, at the moment this article is published you type “Planetary Liberation” and get 444.000 entries and with “Global Currency Reset” it returns 5.710.000 results if you type it. Not all of that information is accurate or supported by Prepare For Change, and there’s a lot of disinformation circling around the Web, most of it a direct result of the opposing ongoing war between positive and negative factions.

  1. There’s a war on for our minds

You’ll always have to use your own discernment and soul connection to find the truth, and as usual in a war, is very hard to see through all the smoke and mirrors.

To better understand the information war, first we must realize that there was only one ultimate goal in all wars throughout history: to conquer our mind, our consent, expressed or by omission, our energy, our transfer of power to an external source and our absolute commitment to a belief system, religion, ideology or specific affiliation. That stealth manipulation is what allows a relatively very small number of beings with own agendas to control the dominant narrative, line of thinking, trends and, in the end, everything that gets “socially accepted”. It’s the constant repetition of an idea or message until the exhaustion point that ends up as the norm – accepted by the majority as “reality”.  And that “reality” being broadcasted 24/7 by a minority of individuals with all out access to the infinite monetary resources that allows them to control ALL the conventional channels of ideas and information spreading such as the mass media, education systems and military and law enforcement, giving visibility only to the biased ones that favour their agenda.  This is how they manifest and represent their “artificial reality” to us. Fear is the stick they use to force compliance with the norm, greed is the carrot for us to give up our power to them. Social fracturing, apathy, and to seek external saviors are requirements for this slavery system to prevail.

An unquestioned belief is most likely one you shouldn’t keep

Now that the planetary liberation process is coming to a head those same beings are not going to be able to control the dominant narrative and the “official” story no more, so they are making increasingly desperate moves, through all the channels they may still hold control of, in a race against time to steer once again the perception of the world accepted by the masses.  As their aggressive stance increases they get more and more exposed to the light of truth also, thanks to the internet but also we believe the global rise of consciousness and frequencies is a decisive variable to take in consideration here.

The point here is to remember always that your beliefs shape your vision and perception. No one wants to force any belief to you. But if you’re reading this it’s because something has been shaken in this regard.

  1. Why is our advice relevant?

At the moment that you read this letter the Mass Media may or may not have switched sides in this war, since part of the master plan was always having them start reporting the truth in the first place. In either case we have more than 800 articles in our site, written by aware people from all over the world, and a worldwide support network of thousands of people who share the same vision, despite their distinct cultural, social, contextual and personal backgrounds.

Because of the efforts of the negative beings the Event has several aspects not seen in the ancient visions and prophecies. The natural rising energies are what they saw, but the opposition of a cunning negative group with resource to exotic technologies and mass mind control knowledge was not. This has created several stages, basically efforts to clear the planet of the negative ones, so the shift can proceed without their efforts to prevent it. There are three related efforts in these stages: 1) mass arrests of the negative faction’s leadership;  2) financial reset of the monetary systems; 3) disclosure of suppressed information and technology.

The first two of these will occur more or less simultaneously, and the third will be ongoing for several months afterward.  The energetic shift will also occur simultaneous to the first two. In fact they cannot happen until the natural shift begins.

The natural shift has begun and we should all expect the final stages of the take down of the criminal forces and agendas to coordinate with the culmination of the energies during the next two years. At the moment this article is published we are now three years into the higher energies and already high enough for a shift, but not yet so high as to force it against the opposition of the negative factions. That is why the effort is to remove them and that will be the purpose of the Resistance Movement until they are successful.

Please read and for more updates on the current situation. was created to address the needs of the unprepared middle managers in society when the Event begins with the lawful arrests and the Reset. They will need advice.

We understand that for you this explanation may come as a surprise or even a shock, but please do your own research. However the people who are handing out this document to you have the highest intentions and wish to help you and your community to overcome the challenges ahead, keeping everyone safe and taken care of.

That’s the point of this message. We’ll not tell you what to believe, but we’re asking you to trust us and take in consideration our advice. We’ll not claim to know everything, and with this greater complexity intruding in our lives now, no one certainly can at this point.

Having interest in these matters and assimilated a lot of information from a wide range of different sources, we feel very confident that we can help you guide others under your guard through a safe route in this transition, destined to reach what we believe will be a future of great achievements collectively.

By the Planetary Leadership Group of  

The Event Origins and Context for Leaders (3541 downloads )

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