What is the Event ?


The Event is the day of mass arrests of the worldwide criminal cabal : corrupted politicians, big bankers, etc, done in a legal way, and synchronized with a worldwide financial reset. This has been organized from the inside by certain members of government and military agencies, who started a resistance movement against this criminal cabal. They have observed the repeated crimes against humanity, animals and ecosystems via, among other things, unjustified wars and unnecessary pollutions.

They have observed the artificial poverty created worldwide created by suppressing solutions and cheating the whole financial system worldwide. Banks have been creating fake money, lending it to governments and more than 90% of our taxes has been given to these private banks, while their loans were fictive, nothing but numbers in a computer or pieces of paper based on no real value, while we have been giving them actual real value for it, the product of our work.

Thanks to this generalized financial cheating, our governments and media have been constantly bought and corrupted. Advanced green technologies have been suppressed. And countless other crimes have been committed in order to maintain this system in place.

It’s time to say no, it’s time to say stop.

These criminals are going to be arrested according to legal procedures, and fair trial will be given to them. Mass media will be released and they will finally be able to relay the truth. They will share many undeniable proofs of what has really been going on.

And finally human society will be able to restart on healthy grounds. Our financial system will be restructured, fictive debts cancelled, and a new system will be put in place based on real value, which will drastically raise quality of life for all humans on the planet.

True humanitarian projects will be put in place on a mass scale to correct all consequences of all crimes committed around the planet. Many previously suppressed technologies will finally be distributed. Some of them are likely to surprise many people. Imagine, if only 20 years ago, you would have been told that you can communicate instantly all around the world, stock all the music, movies and books you want, all with one wireless device the size of a small book. Many would not have believed it.

Most education programs have been manipulated voluntarily to suppress the truth. This process is well known, just take a look at history books from the 50s or 60s. This process has not stopped, it has been going on to this day. For example, physics taught in universities are more than 100 years old, they mostly ignore quantum physics, and some laws of physics have been taught in manipulated ways to misguide people, which was necessary to suppress certain advanced technologies.

Similar manipulations have been going on in all aspects of our society. Therefore there will be huge restoration and construction type work needed. Banks will be closed for a few days to a few weeks, and then they will re-open with people’s money still in the banks, with extra money re-distributed to all. A huge re-education process will start based on solid proofs or the actual truth. Ecosystems will be healed thanks to community efforts and advanced technologies. Every human will have their basic needs guaranteed, and freedom to create, enterprise, and travel freely.

The date of this Event can not be predicted. There are many factors and groups involved, and many pieces of information have to remain secret during the process in order to maintain the security of people involved. All we can say, is that we are pretty close. This is why an information network is being put in place so we can be ready.

Liberation is near !

5 thoughts on “What is the Event ?”

  1. Never put dates to predictions. It will turn you into a fool as many have learned. The global economy will fail when they’re ready for it to fail. The are no mistakes, coincidences and nothing just happens. Everything that takes place on this planet has been planned. Hang in there it’s coming and when it does, I and many others will be cheering in the stands as the heads roll.

  2. All “Lighted” sites seem to be in agreement. We are in the “Transition “ phase. The “Event” (as in Solar Flash) IS coming! Great time to be incarnate!
    Victory will be ours LIGHTWORKERS!


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