Basic Practical Steps To Prepare For The Event


  • Save and print important documents to share at the time of the Event.Click here to find them.
  • Join the others in your area and create a group together. We are creating Event Support Groups (ESG) which is the masculine aspect, and Sisterhood of the Rose groups which is the feminine aspect. Many people will most likely be part of both groups. Click here to find the list of groups worldwide and to create your own if needed.
  • Plan food and basic necessities for a few days. Choose what you feel like of course, however here are a few tips: alfalfa and other kinds of sprouts grow in 3 days, lentils and beans are cheap, full of nutrition and keep well. You can grow your own vegetables at home especially with vertical farms (Click here to learn about it). We will also probably need to convert some land into local community gardens, so you can do some research about which places would be suitable for this before and after the Event. There are already several groups doing this. This will most likely be an important part the post-event transition because we will need to transform our food production, since up to now most of it has been managed by the cabal and poisoned.You can also consider getting a water bottle with filter included, gas for your car, energy for cooking and heating if your circumstances might require it, as well as anything else you might need in case supplies don’t function properly for a short while.
Programme Ecolo-Boulot
Programme Ecolo-Boulot
  • Get some silver and/or gold to provide basic needs in first few days or weeks after the Event. If you have little means, just one silver coin will greatly help in the first few days after the event and doesn’t cost much. If you have greater means, consider helping those around you.


  • Learn how certain meditations and ceremonies can help calm down the energy in your area. Numerous studies have shown the power of meditation on our surroundings, especially when done in groups. There will be lots of energy flying around in the first days and weeks after the event, lots of traumas, emotions and thoughts surfacing. Group meditations done on important points of your local part of the Earth energy grid, can be combined with crystals, sacred geometry and other tools and will greatly help to avoid conflicts and to harmonize the energies in your area.Find out the main energetic sites around you, go there and visualize/channel a pillar of briliant white light from the central sun, through the area, down to core of the Earth. Visualize violet flame. Call for the assistance of beings of Light (Angels, Faeries, Dolphins and Whales, Star family, etc). Do any meditation that you are guided to.
    Click here to learn more about this process and how to know where the energy centers are grid
  • Get informed on the world around you, on what has been happening and what is coming.


  • Get to know your neighbors, and who could potentially help. Before the Event, some people might not be receptive or ready to hear about the Event, and to help make it happen, but after the Event it will be a completely different story. We suggest you get to know your neighborhood, city or village, the different groups and personalities, you can get involved or just be an observer. We will need to work together to create a smooth transition. There are already many groups doing good things who can potentially play an important role: yoga and meditation centers, local and organic garden movements, etc. Community solidarity initiatives will likely be needed and will have massive snowball impacts, our whole food and energy productions, educational systems, financial systems, etc, will all have to be restructured to make them become healthy again. Community solidarity and organization will also help people to relax, especially those who might have fears about the transition. The goal is for everybody to be taken care of, physically, mentally and emotionally. Invite different networks to work together despite their apparent differences, they might not have been willing to do that yet, but after the Event many of them will. The more we start before the Event as much as we can, the easier the transition will be after the Event.
  • Take responsibility and create initiatives. When the event happens, there is most likely not gonna be spaceships dropping bags of food, so that we can all instantly go and hang out in a resort in the Bahamas. It will be a gradual process. Prosperity funds will still have to be translated into food, housing, etc, and somebody will have to do it. We’ll have to be healed enough in order to be truly admitted into galactic society. To be liberated means to be a sovereign being. We are all the creator and therefore we need to be able to create ourselves. The obstacles will be removed by our star family, and we will receive a lot of help, yet we still have to be actors or we would not be truly free. Community leaders (food and energy supplies leaders for example) might freak out about their business, workers of these companies might refuse to work when they realize they have been slaves all these years, etc. The military has plans in case of emergency to help society be provided with basic needs, and the positive military will probably put this in place. The Resistance Movement knows who the lightworkers are, and they are likely to contact those who are ready to help organize things in our community, to open doors for example to council community centers to organize healing and support meetings, etc. The priority will not be to overload others with intricate stories about galactic wars, but to focus on making sure everybody is taken care of during the transition, so it will be important not to get stuck on belief system differences. It’s important that this liberation happens from the population also, and not only from military and off world groups.
  • Work on yourself to have greater balance and stability. Life in quarantine Earth has been difficult and we have all been having issues. Work on your deep triggers and traumas, do shadow work to integrate and harmonize all aspects of your psyche into the Light of your true self, be fully honest with yourself and others, question all belief systems deeply (all of them have been programmed), learn to say no to all toxic patterns, to let go when something is finished, you can question actions but never people because we are all divine sparks, differenciate between saying no to truly hurtful behavior and judging based on belief system, forgive, etc.
  • Energetic protection and harmonization. There are many tools out there. Find crystals which resonate with you. Use sacred geometry, in your house, on your body, etc. Listen to sacred healing sound frequencies. You can find some of the most powerful energy tools available on the planet at this time here:
    • Tachyons: These are sub-atomic particles containing the full spectrum of spiritual Light. The veil around this Earth blocks them. Cobra has been contacted physically by Pleiadians who explained him how to make them available on Earth. They are excellent help in protection, connection with your higher self, and harmonization of all aspects of self (physically, emotionally, mentally, etc). You can learn more and get them here:
    • Tektites: These are special kinds of stones which are the product of meteorite impacts on Earth. Different types come from different star systems, some of them come from Pleiades, some from Sirius, etc. They are very powerful to transmute duality into Oneness, to help connect us to star systems and star family and to protect, transmute and harmonize. No duality can enter them, they act from their own presence, therefore they can not be programmed and do not need to be cleaned. and
    • Violet Ray: This device is based on a Tesla coil and can effectively clear negative plasma out of your aura, helps remove entities and other kinds of negative energies. You can get it here:
    • Sacred Sounds: Sound is vibration, and therefore a very effective energy tool. Anyone can use it, but there has been a lot of disinformation and harmful frequencies spread around, so use discernment. You can learn more about it, and how to easily use sacred frequencies here:
  • Detach from the world of the matrix and cultivate your gifts outside of it. The whole working/job structure as we know it is gonna be totally transformed. Many aspects of it belong to slavery and will collapse. But we will still need to convert money into housing, food, and all good things. We all have gifts to share with others, we all have a unique purpose and we all have one piece of the puzzle. You can start now to progressively unplug from the matrix system and develop your true gifts in alternative ways. Internet can allow you to share and generate energy exchanges easily. You can start by switching from full-time job to part-time job, developing and sharing your gifts in your free time, start generating income and progressively you will unplug completely. A lot of fear has been implanted in humans about this, but truly there are many opportunities out there, and the more people unplug the more opportunities there will be. The earlier you start the easier your transition will be.

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