Good Morning!

Note: This post is intended to inform readers on the day of the Event, and will be posted before the actual Event.

Good morning to you, newcomer ! It’s Mass Arrests/Financial Reset day, or Event day as we’ve been calling it for years. Yes we’ve been knowing about this for a while, for very good reasons. You were guided here to find some answers. Here are a few :

I say good morning, even though it may be afternoon or night, because what I’m actually wishing you here is a good awakening. For the great majority of the population, this is what today is all about.

The next few days are gonna be quite a ride. Nothing bad though. This is definitely not the armageddon. No hollywood-like post apocalyptic stone age. No third world war, no martial law, etc. No negative scenarios. No law of any sort imposed on any part of the population. The fate of humanity is being given back to its own hands by removing the obstacles. There may be a few disturbances during the first few weeks of transition, but you know, this world has been in disturbance for a very long time. This is actually a very very positive moment and transition. How do we know this ? For the same very good reasons that we knew in advance that this day would happen.

So how have we known in advance ?

The mass arrests happening today are lawful arrests. These are done for very good reasons and clear proofs of the crimes are gonna be presented to you today. Even though many of those people arrested may be public figures trusted by many people, a great deal about them has been hidden. Like I said, undeniable proofs are coming. There will be fair trials which will be done in a perspective of healing for all rather than punishment. There will be no french revolution-like vengeance allowed. So, we knew because these arrests are being done by groups within the military and other government agencies, who contacted some messengers to spread the word to the general population.

Since most governments are under arrest, there will be new elections organized as soon as possible. From now on, human society is to be organized from the grassroot level, we are to be sovereign and free, and therefore organize ourselves, our own communities.

Something you may be anxious to know about : your money is not gone. The worldwide financial system is centralized informatically, the whole thing is tied together, and it has been so deeply cheated for so long, that there was no other choice but to shut the whole thing down. It’s just being reset right now. It’ll come back online as soon as possible, with your money in your account. Plus some extra, for every human on Earth.

Why the extra ? Because we’ve all been cheated. Money has been created out of thin air. The world is 223 trillions in debt as I’m writing this. Who do we owe ? Private banks, who have been creating fake virtual money, lending it to states and individuals, and getting real value in exchange : the real product of our work. A very sneaky system of slavery. A system enforced criminally in many ways, as you’re about to learn.

This is a major step in the evolution of the entire planet. Very very positive things are coming. Life under this previous harsh system may have make you doubt that. So, I recommend  you visit this page below, which will show you facts about how we already have all the solutions to heal this world, humans, animals, plants, ecosystems. Now that the obstacles are gone, we have the means, and it’s up to all of us, each of us, to do what we can to implement these solutions. This process will start with the current transition, so it is highly recommend reading our plans to maintain safety and well-being of all during this time of transition, as well as a letter to distribute to local leaders (elected officials, energy food and water distributors, etc).

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